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We’re excited to announce that Baby Nails is featured in the current issue of Mother and Baby Magazine (it’s classed as the April issue) in their ‘That’s Clever’ section along with some other useful products. Struggling to find time to file your babies nails? Is your baby beginning to think they have scratch mittens for hands? Give Baby Nails a try.


Visit us at http://www.baby-nails.co.uk or on Amazon by clicking here


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Visit us at http://www.baby-nails.co.uk or on Amazon by clicking here

If you’re looking for a simple to use, hands-free way of keeping your little one’s delicate nails neat & trim then you’ve come to the right place at http://www.baby-nails.co.uk
Stop ‘thumbling’ around with your baby’s nails. Slip a ‘Thumble’ nailfile onto your thumb and cuddle your baby whilst filing their nails. Invented out of necessity for our own baby we hope this product will help you to keep your baby’s nails smooth and short.
Using our patent pending ‘Thumble’ and disposable adhesive nailfiles, you will have both hands free to cradle your baby using just your thumb to do the filing in a relaxed manner. We find the perfect time to smooth our baby’s nails is when feeding. Having both hands free allows you to feed your baby on the breast or with a bottle and file away in a relaxing manner. Baby Nails also has an opening on the front allowing you to wear the nail file securely, even with a long thumbnail.

PS: We won’t tell anybody if you use it to keep your nails looking nice and trim too!

We have a range of three different grit nail files to be used with the ‘Thumble’. We have nail files for New Babies, 3 months+ and 6 months+ age ranges. For new babies we used the finest grit we could get hold of, and then a medium grit for 3 months+ and a coarser grit for 6 months+. Of course you can use whatever grit you want, our age ranges are just a recommendation.


Don’t take our word for it, here’s some of our recommendations:

Deirdre gave 5 stars on Amazon and said:

Great little product – effortless and easy!

I received my little package very quickly – I was delighted with this product – I got to work straight away filing baba’s nails – it is such an amazing easy to use product – I just put the little thumb piece on and filed away with great results for baba’s nails and effortless – I have 3 children and I wish this product was around first time round! No baby crying while trying to clip or cut nails.

Claire gave 5 stars on Amazon and said:

Great product, fantastic invention

Fantastic design. We had given up using nail clippers on our little girl who was just too wriggly. Other baby nail files were a real two man job – my husband filing her nails while I held her fingers. This “thimble” style design slips over your thumb with a replaceable adhesive file and means you can file away single handed – ideal while feeding or similar.

Fiona gave 5 stars on Amazon and said:

The perfect tool to keep my kids nails neat!

“Just what I needed!” Having a 1 year old that won’t sit still, makes removing sharp nails a nightmare. He hates the clippers, and just wants to take a nail file of us. I put the thumble on, stuck a pad on the end, and he was more than keen for me to file his nails! I couldn’t believe it, he actually started putting out fingers for me to file. We can now, at least, keep his scratchy fingers at bay. The only problem we have? Our 3 year old watched me do this, and now he wants his finger nails filed the same way as his baby brother!

Chaylo gave 5 stars on Amazon and said:

Great product – so easy to use and perfect for …

Great product – so easy to use and perfect for my 3 month year old, so much easier to keep his nails trim, rather than attempting to use scissors and a conventional baby emery board. He actually enjoyed the experience and didn’t try and wriggle his hand away once!

Victoria gave 5 stars on Amazon and said:


What a fantastic invention. Such a great solution to such a tricky task.

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